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Growing Your Business with Jeffrey Scott: Competition is Great—When You Harness it!

August 3, 2017By

Competition is great for your business, when you harness it and use it to motivate you and your employees every day to make the right decisions. read more

Jeffrey Scott to host free webinar series

July 19, 2017By

Landscape Industry Consultant Jeffrey Scott will host a free, six-part webinar series titled, “Breakthrough Ideas for High Achievers.” In this series, Scott will lay out what is most important for high-achieving professionals to focus on, with concrete ideas and techniques for every size company. These webinars build on each other to help attendees find new ways of thinking, growing and... read more

Profit Power: Getting your No. 2 to be the leader you need

July 19, 2017By

A good No. 2 employee is like a good irrigation system. It covers all the ground you need covered, and keeps your business green and flourishing, even when you’re away. The test of how well your irrigation system has you covered is when you hit a hot, dry patch of weather. The same goes for your company. You know what... read more

Are your salespeople mediocre?

June 12, 2017By

Salespeople misrepresent how much time they spend with clients. According to a Wall Street Journal story, account managers spent only a third of their time with clients, while self-reporting they were spending much than that. Perhaps they were bad at tracking their own time or perhaps they were lying, but either way they were distracted. This same story says account... read more

Profit Power: 2 tools for reining in spring chaos

May 18, 2017By

All the best companies work proactively in their down time, or they create down time, to set strategic plans for the upcoming year—and for three and 10 years out. But then their peak season launches upon them, and they get hit by spring. Mike Tyson taught us this: Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face. When... read more

Scott to host foremen training session

February 10, 2017By

Jeffrey Scott is hosting a training session for landscape company foremen and supervisors. The one-day event takes place Feb. 27 in Dulles, Va., from 9 a.m.-4p.m. The session, called “Foremen, Forewomen and Supervisor Training: Learn five-star client service and people management skills for increased confidence, employee/client satisfaction and profitable jobs,” costs $249 with a $199 early-bird rate for those who... read more