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  • Rain Bird launches new online training courses

    March 21, 2018By

    Rain Bird Services is now offering two new online training courses: “Rain Bird Factory-Trained Decoder Technician” and “Rain Bird Factory-Trained Residential Controller Technician.” Participants who complete either of the two online courses and pass their online exams by a score of 70 percent or greater will also earn a Rain Bird Factory-Trained designation. The Rain Bird Factory-Trained Decoder Technician course covers... read more

    Hunter expands MP800 series

    March 20, 2018By

    Hunter Industries added the new MP815 to its MP800 series. The MP815 features a 0.8-inch-per-hour matched precipitation rate and an expanded radius range of 8 to 16 feet in two models, adjustable arc range from 90-210 degrees and full-circle 360 degrees. With the addition of the MP815, the MP800 series now covers radius ranges from 6 to 16 feet. “Both... read more

    Soil assessment

    March 19, 2018By

    Did you know different types of dirt impact the effectiveness of an irrigation system? How quickly a soil type can absorb water will help you determine what kind of irrigation to set up, according to Jeffrey Knight, Ewing’s director of learning and development. Take a look at the different kinds of soil and their maximum precipitation rates, according to the... read more

    Rain Bird brings Amazon’s Alexa to irrigation control

    March 5, 2018By

    Rain Bird is using Amazon’s voice-activated personal assistant, Alexa, to change up how users manage irrigation systems. In the U.S. and Canada, Alexa commands can now be used with Rain Bird’s professional series controllers, the ESP-TM2 and ESP-Me, when outfitted with a LNK WiFi Module, as well as with ST8-WiFi controllers offered through retail channels. International availability is being planned... read more

    Connecting with the latest in controller tech

    February 28, 2018By

    Today’s irrigation controllers are driven by data and technology. Contractors who embrace these advancements are seeing the benefits. Technology has infiltrated every aspect of modern life, and the irrigation controller is no exception. The devices are more connected and data-driven than ever before, and contractors who are embracing the trends are seeing the advantages these advancements can bring. “We are... read more

    Hydro-Rain launches B-hyve Pro Dashboard

    February 22, 2018By

    Hydro-Rain launched the B-hyve Pro Dashboard, an online tool that gives contractors control of their B-hyve Pro smart timers in one location. “The B-hyve Pro Dashboard takes smart-timer technology to the next level,” said Kim Hayes, vice president of Hydro-Rain. “Whether it’s a contractor managing dozens of timers or a property manager with thousands of irrigation controllers under their care, the... read more