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  • Ryan Turf to launch National Aerate Your Lawn Day next month

    August 9, 2017By

    Turf renovation equipment manufacturer Ryan Turf is launching “National Aerate Your Lawn Day,” a consumer awareness campaign the company says is an opportunity for lawn care professionals to educate homeowners on the benefits of aeration and encourage either hiring a professional or renting an aerator from the local home center to do it themselves. The event is slated for Sept.... read more

    How to ID turf diseases

    August 4, 2017By

    When the ‘disease triangle’ is present in a lawn, problems can crop up. Turf disease isn’t only an unsightly nuisance for homeowners. It can also be extremely damaging for lawns if not treated properly. For a disease to cause a problem, three components—referred to as the disease triangle—must first exist: a host, a pathogen and a conducive environment. The host... read more

    Montgomery County, Md., pesticide ban struck down

    August 3, 2017By

    The Montgomery County, Md., Circuit Court struck down the county’s ban on lawn and garden pesticide use on private property, deeming it unlawful and preempted by Maryland law. Responsible Industry for a Sound Environment (RISE) said it is pleased with the court’s decision. “We are gratified that the court agreed that the county’s ban on the use of State- and... read more

    Exmark debuts aerator attachment

    August 2, 2017By

    Exmark introduced a spreader attachment for its 30-inch stand-on aerator, enabling landscape professionals to offer overseeding in conjunction with aeration programs. “The Exmark aerator spreader attachment is a response to our customers’ requests asking for a way to increase the versatility and revenue opportunities of the highly productive stand-on aerator,” said Lloyd von Scheliha, Exmark product manager. “By combining two... read more

    ArborSystems intros direct-inject insecticide

    July 24, 2017By

    ArborSystems launched its new direct-inject chemical product, Retriever Insecticide. Designed for use in the Wedgle Direct-Inject Tree Injection System, which is a no-drill tree treatment system, the insecticide is for tree injection applications to ornamental or non-bearing fruit and nut trees. “Arborists, urban foresters and tree care professionals can try hands-on demonstrations of our advanced tree technology system to see how... read more

    How to recognize and manage scale insects

    July 14, 2017By

    First, distinguish between armored and soft scale. Some insect pests are easy to find. Tent caterpillars and webworms build big silk nests you can see a mile away. Japanese beetles are big, shiny and cling to trees by the thousands. Other pests, though, are hard to see. Scale insects are common landscape pests, but many people don’t see them until... read more