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  • Greenworks Commercial introduces new GE 080 82-volt stick edger

    March 20, 2018By

    Greenworks Commercial has expanded its 82-volt system with the new commercial-grade GE 080 stick edger. The GE 080 stick edger uses a proprietary Greenworks Commercial 82-volt lithium-ion battery and features an “instant on” start switch and variable-speed trigger. The unit’s 8-inch heat-treated blade includes a cast steel blade guard, and is driven by a direct-drive brushless motor that provides high... read more

    The benefits of partnering with a consulting arborist

    March 19, 2018By

    Professional landscape management companies, especially those that focus on large estates, commercial properties and high-end clientele, understand that trees don’t simply represent another management task or responsibility. Trees are the largest, most obvious and most valuable asset on any property—or at least they can be. Property managers for both residential and commercial properties are increasingly required to do more with... read more

    Husqvarna launches Alexa automation for robotic mowers

    March 15, 2018By

    Husqvarna robotic mowers are now compatible with Amazon’s cloud-based voice service Alexa. With the integration, homeowners with the Husqvarna Automower will be able to start, stop and park their mower, as well as receive status updates from their mower by asking Alexa. The first version will be available Sept. 1 in all Automower Connect-equipped robotic mowers from Husqvarna, including all... read more

    Startup tips: Finding outdoor power equipment on a budget

    March 14, 2018By

    We spend a great deal of time sharing how landscape professionals can get the most from dealers. But what about the little guy who is starting out in the industry, who doesn’t know the ins and outs, or even where the nearest dealer is? That’s where retail stores come into play. With hundreds of locations and competitive pricing, it’s easy... read more

    Greenworks Commercial adds new battery-powered backpack blower

    March 14, 2018By

    Greenworks Commercial expanded its 82-volt line with the GBB 700 dual battery port backpack blower. “For 2018, we’ve put a focus on providing innovative battery management solutions to increase the amount of productivity users can get on the job site,” said Chris Allen, president of Greenworks North America. “The new dual battery port backpack blower provides users with optimal performance... read more

    Wright adds 42-inch deck to Stander I Series

    March 9, 2018By

    Wright Manufacturing added the 42-inch deck to its Stander Intensity mower. The Aero Core deck design features improved airflow, cut quality and anti-blowout features, according to the company. The floating Aero Core deck tilts side to side and front to back, allowing the mower deck to better follow terrain contours and improving the weight distribution for better handling on hills,... read more