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Florida’s water supply to be insufficient by 2070

November 22, 2016By

Soon, California might not be the only state where landscape companies are forced to comply with water-conserving landscape practices. A new study released Nov. 15 found that increased development across Florida could double the state’s water consumption over the next half century, the Miami Herald reports. Without massive improvements in conservation efforts, including landscaping practices, experts believe the state’s water supply will be insufficient and unable to... read more

Adapting to drought conditions

August 10, 2016By

How Cleary Bros. Landscape helps clients save water and adapt to drought conditions. Drought hit California hard in 2012 and continues to plague the state. While the worst of it seems to be over, Martin Cleary says it’s a time that most residents won’t soon forget. “The drought persisted for five years, so it’s pretty much burned into everybody’s memory,”... read more

Irrigation Association names July Smart Irrigation Month

July 6, 2016By

The Irrigation Association (IA) has once again named July Smart Irrigation Month. First launched in 2005, the Smart Irrigation Month initiative was designed to increase public awareness about the value of water-use efficiency. “The Irrigation Association is doing more this year to promote efficient irrigation during Smart Irrigation Month than ever before,” said IA’s CEO Deborah Hamlin. “Through efforts ranging from advocacy, public affairs, social media and... read more

CPS to distribute IrriGreen Genius Irrigation System

April 20, 2016By

Colorado Pump & Supply (CPS) is now distributing the IrriGreen Genius Irrigation System to contractors in Colorado and Wyoming. The system is designed to precisely and efficiently irrigate lawns based on the exact contour of the landscape. With 13 locations, CPS is a wholesale distributor of professional pump, irrigation and landscape supplies to contractors in the Rocky Mountain region. “CPS has... read more

Man on a mission

December 16, 2015By

Russ Jundt hopes to change the way people water their lawns throughout the U.S. and, eventually, the world. Russ Jundt has an appreciation for water. After all, the Minnesota native is from the “Land of 10,000 Lakes.” So it makes sense that he founded his Richmond, Va.-based company, Conserva Irrigation, on the basis of saving water and with the goal... read more

How landscape water use stacks up in California

November 13, 2015By and

A perspective on the California drought and landscape water use. Landscape water use in California accounts for 9 percent of the total statewide water use. Thus, if we never watered another home or public landscape, park, sports field or golf course in California, the state would save 9 percent of its average total water consumption. This does not seem like... read more