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Communication Coach: Predict customer behavior like Amazon

May 30, 2018By

What customers do informs us of their desires. What they are reluctant to do offers insights into fears and obstacles that must be addressed before they will buy. Last year Amazon bought Whole Foods to extend its retail dominance into new product lines and for the brick and mortar opportunity to study buying behavior. Amazon Prime members can now get... read more

Communication Coach: How the right words predictably sell

April 25, 2018By

I get it. Writing is not your thing. You would rather craft your message with a video. That’s your preferred communication medium. Or maybe you like to use snapshots on Instagram to tell your story. What matters is finding a medium that you are comfortable using. Just keep in mind that whether your message is written, spoken or communicated nonverbally... read more

Communication Coach: Why your business needs a communication response plan

March 27, 2018By

Professional athletes pay close attention to everything their bodies tell them. Each signal communicates the need for taking action. A sharp pain signals danger. It may be a weakness, an imbalance or something worse that’s calling out for attention. But what action, if anything, should be taken right now? A version of this is happening every day in your business.... read more

Communication Coach: Why customers expect brave marketing

February 28, 2018By

Your best customers are more than customers. They are advocates that want to see your business reach new heights because when you, win they win, too. Don’t make the rookie mistake of giving them bland marketing and then hoping and praying they will respond. You have to be brave, so you can engage them. Take a stand and give customers... read more

Communication Coach: How to perfect your brand story

January 30, 2018By

W. Edwards Deming was an American engineer who was revered in Japan for his contribution to transforming the country into a global manufacturing leader. He said, “If you cannot describe what you do as a process, you don’t know what you are doing.” People believe they know what they’re doing until they’re put to the test. This typically happens at... read more

How to grow your audience, your referrals and your business

January 23, 2017By

Landscape Management, Landscape Digital Institute and I partnered last year to launch the first landscape industry digital marketing survey. We think you’ll be interested in the results. In addition to showing how landscaping and lawn care companies are using digital marketing now, we’ll reveal how industry practices compare with proven digital, social and email marketing practices used by leading organizations... read more

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