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Web Extra: How to get involved with GreenCare for Troops

November 9, 2017By

Salute to service: How GreenCare for Troops is giving back to military families in need

November 8, 2017By

Who will mow the lawn? Who’s going to shovel the driveway and the sidewalk in the winter? Last year, Carla Nichols asked these questions, among many others, as her husband, Jon, a technical sergeant in the Air Force, prepared for his deployment to Germany. Carla Nichols was particularly concerned because, with a full-job time as a physical therapist assistant, a... read more

GreenCare for Troops Guide: Freedom isn’t free

November 8, 2017By

Troy Clogg’s father was a World War II veteran, and this fact drives his participation with GreenCare for Troops and other military nonprofits. “Freedom isn’t free,” says Clogg. “It’s taken for granted what people give so that we can worry about whether the grass is cut or a tree is planted right. I have a lot of respect for the... read more

GreenCare for Troops Guide: Doing the right thing

November 8, 2017By

As a business owner in a military community, Bill Lillie sees his fair share of families and disabled veterans dealing with hard times—trying to juggle basic daily tasks, such as grocery shopping or shuttling kids to and from school. As a longtime volunteer for GreenCare for Troops, he wants to help take lawn care off that mile-long list. Along with... read more

GreenCare for Troops Guide: Start somewhere

November 8, 2017By

For business owners and individuals alike, part of the difficulty of beginning a volunteer activity might be getting over the initial intimidation. Paul Fraynd, co-owner of Sun Valley Landscaping in Omaha, Neb., has some useful advice. “Just start,” he recommends. “Giving back is hard until you get there, and then you’re glad you did it.” The company started its relationship... read more

Editor’s Note: Ready to serve

November 8, 2017By

“I don’t know how you did it when your husband was deployed,” a coworker said to me the other day. His wife was out of town and he was fending for himself at home for the first time with their new baby. Honestly, the year my husband was deployed to Afghanistan with the Ohio National Guard while I worked full... read more