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High Performance: Marketing strategies that reap results

February 13, 2017By

As I mentioned in last month’s blog post, marketing strategies are often ignored as marketers are in a rush to focus on marketing tactics. This is a big mistake. A key part of a marketing strategy is segmentation and targeting. Marketers who miss this important step are often disappointed with their marketing results and don’t know why. Without properly segmenting... read more

Business Basics: Making your strategy relevant

March 8, 2016By

One of the biggest challenges with strategic planning is making it real on a daily basis. Just because a plan exists doesn’t mean that day-to-day behaviors will change. Something needs to be done for there to be an impact on specific actions of individuals. Implementing strategy is where the rubber meets the road. The question is, what steps may be... read more

Jeffrey Scott to bring business workshop to St. Louis

February 29, 2016By

Jeffrey Scott is partnering with Scott’s Power Equipment and LM magazine to bring his one-day business workshop to St. Louis on March 17. The Grow Your Landscape Business Workshop focuses on helping landscape contractors succeed in three critical areas: better people, proven systems and more profitable sales. This workshop covers Jeffrey Scott’s five-step business-building process. It also includes his exclusive Grow Your... read more

How to build wealth

February 21, 2016By

A wise old man once told me your definition of wealth will change as you accumulate it and grow older. In my work with large and small contracting firms, I’ve discovered four types of wealth that are measurements of success. You might place these in a different order, but I’m sure you’ll think of all four throughout your life: personal... read more

GreenMark offers business workshops

February 9, 2016By

GreenMark Consulting Group released the dates for its Landscape & Irrigation Business Bootcamp. This work session will bring together industry experts to help landscape and irrigation professionals plan and implement successful business strategies. Each session will focus on the four core elements of business according to GreenMark—getting the business, doing business, running the business and guiding the business—and how to... read more

Simplify strategic planning

January 29, 2016By

Several large-scale studies have shown that most organizations in the U.S. haven’t embraced strategic planning as a regular, ongoing, essential business process. Strategic planning is usually attempted with a half-hearted approach. Not surprisingly, these attempts produce limited results. Additionally, because many strategic 
planning processes are overly complicated, it’s common for leaders to be frustrated by the time and effort expended.... read more