Product of the Day

Turfco: T3100

March 14, 2018By

The Turfco T3100 can get your crew up to speed faster with simplified controls and an exclusive, easy-to-operate steering wheel. This machine will maximize your performance and boost your comfort with the industry’s only hands-free speed control. You can drive through a 36-in. gate, hold nearly any hill, and conquer both residential and commercial properties thanks to a spray capacity of up to 132,000 sq.-ft.... read more

Quali-Pro: SedgeMaster

March 13, 2018By

SedgeMaster is a selective, easy-to-use, postemergent herbicide concentrate designed to kill both yellow and purple nutsedge and other broadleaf weeds without injury to turfgrasses and ornamentals. SedgeMaster can be used safely for warm- and cool-season turfgrasses, landscaped areas and other non-crop areas. The active ingredient is absorbed into leaf tissue as quickly as 24 to 48 hours after application, then... read more

PermaGreen: Recharge Sprayer Kit

March 12, 2018By

Eliminate the second trip over your lawns with the battery-powered PermaGreen Recharge™ Sprayer Kit for use on LESCO® push spreaders. This well-balanced, low-profile 2.25-gal. tank fits inside your hopper and covers 8,500 square feet, while leaving room in your hopper for a bag of dry product. A low-drift spray nozzle provides a 9-foot pattern, and a spray gun is included... read more

Syngenta: Acelepryn Insecticide

March 9, 2018By

One application of Acelepryn® insecticide (April – mid-June) provides season-long control of white grubs, billbugs and surface-feeders like turf caterpillars. Acelepryn also controls chinch bugs and fall armyworms, and can be applied to trees, shrubs and ornamentals to help control landscape pests like Japanese beetles, webworms, lace bugs and aphids. Its environmental profile has little-to-no impact on beneficial and non-targeted... read more

Koch Turf & Ornamental: UFLEXX fertilizer

March 8, 2018By

UFLEXX® stabilized nitrogen, an enhanced efficiency fertilizer, contains both a urease and a nitrification inhibitor, protecting against all forms of nitrogen loss—ammonia volatilization, denitrification, runoff and leaching. UFLEXX fertilizer delivers quick green-up and a consistent color response for up to eight weeks. With UFLEXX fertilizer, there is added flexibility, as the completely soluble granules perform equally well when applied with... read more

DIG Corp.: LEIT irrigation control systems

March 7, 2018By

DIG Corp.’s LEIT (pronounced light) irrigation control systems are powered by a unique, patented, energy management system that collects ambient light and then stores this energy in internal super-capacitors, not batteries. This exclusive, innovative design allows for the controllers to be installed in almost any location; no direct sunlight, AC power or external solar panels are required. The systems utilize... read more