How to create a valuable internship

October 25, 2017By

With the right tools and planning, any size company can create and execute a successful student internship program. First, define what an internship or temporary position should be at your company. Traditionally, summer or seasonal work is a temporary job with no expectation other than employment and pay. A student is on par with every other employee in that he... read more

Charting your course

October 17, 2017By

Decide what business choices to pursue based on your passions. Fall is an ideal time for green industry companies to review and update their plans for the future. Which services should you add, grow, shrink or eliminate? Which customer segments should you target or move away from? Which geographic areas should you operate in? Which services should you perform or... read more

Know your numbers

October 17, 2017By

Operate profitably by understanding these figures. I can think of no fundamental more important—or anything that yields a greater return—than knowing your numbers. There are many numbers, rates and ratios you can use to measure your progress against past performance or others in the industry. Even so, knowing your most basic numbers will give you the foundation necessary for sustainable... read more

Be the root of your business

October 17, 2017By

Focus on these four areas where consistency affects growth. When Lee Greathouse and his son, Will, took a leap of faith and left a decades-old partnership to form their own landscape contracting business in Nashville, Tenn., they felt as if they were starting from square one. Today, The Greathouse Co. generates $5.3 million in annual revenue, which is a 62... read more

Boost the bottom line

October 17, 2017By

Carefully manage sales, gross margin and labor to better your business. As landscape business professionals, we search far and wide to discover how to run a profitable business. The talk track is predictable: “Sell more work at the right price, and manage your direct costs.” But if it’s that simple, why are so many companies struggling to boost their bottom... read more

Planning ahead: Hire your successor

October 17, 2017By

The sale of your business likely isn’t going to happen the way you expect, so plan for it. Many business owners believe they’ll be able to sell their businesses and monetize what’s often their largest and most important asset when they’re ready to retire. Unfortunately, a sale isn’t likely going to happen the way an owner expects. First of all,... read more