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Hear Why Propane Mowers
  are Crew-Approved

PERC Keep your crew members working efficiently with mowers that keep the air cleaner, and save major time on refueling. The reduced emissions of propane mean mowing in a cloud of exhaust is a thing of the past. And with on-site refueling, your crews get their work done faster—which makes everyone happy.
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February cover >Connecting with the latest in controller tech

>Backstory: Katie Felts-Martin

LandscapeHub closes $4.4M
seed funding round

Chicago-based startup LandscapeHub, an online platform for buying and selling nursery and landscape goods, raised the funds from both private and individual investors. LandscapeHub also secured $1 million in venture debt from Silicon Valley Bank. Check out the full story for more. >>More
SiteOne SiteOne opens new Atlanta agronomic sales center
The new facility will enable SiteOne to stock up to 880 tons of bagged agronomic material. It will also offer an assortment of agronomic and control products, including its own private label LESCO products. >>More
Photo: William M. Brown Jr., Built on Trust and Hard Facts
The best way to build trust—and make sales—with most customers is to let results speak for themselves. Learn how one LCO did just that with help from Syngenta Headway.
video VIDEO: Keys to providing high quality turf for clients
Attendees of the 2017 LM Growth Summit share their words of wisdom on how to provide the highest quality turf for customers. >>Watch the video
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Greenworks Commercial adds new battery-powered backpack blower
Powered by brushless motor technology, the GBB 700 dual battery port backpack blower yields 50 percent less noise and five times less vibration than gas equivalent products, according to Greenworks. >>More
wright Wright adds 42-inch deck to Stander I Series
The deck height can be adjusted “on the fly” in quarter-inch increments, and anti-scalp rollers automatically adjust the deck height to changes in terrain. >>More
Startup tips: Finding outdoor power equipment on a budget
With hundreds of locations and competitive pricing, it’s easy to understand why retail stores are an appealing option for newcomers to the green industry, and maybe even a few seasoned pros. Here's a look at a few outdoor power tools displayed at a recent Home Depot event. >>More
Kawasaki Kawasaki Genuine Parts—Built for the Best
Kawasaki Genuine Parts are built to the same exacting performance standards that Kawasaki engines are known for. Kawasaki parts are designed, tested and approved for your Kawasaki engine, to help provide performance and maximum productivity in the field.
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FX Luminaire FX Luminaire releases the DX lighting controller
The low-voltage lighting controller is operated via a digital facepack and includes astronomical timing and event-based programming capabilities, eliminating the need for plug-in accessories such as timers and photocells. >>More
GPS Insight Lower Your Costs On Labor, Fuel and Maintenance
The top three fleet related concerns for service businesses are labor costs, fuel costs and vehicle maintenance. This article explores these top three challenges and identifies how service businesses, like yours, are overcoming them to maximize overall efficiency.
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Step by Step How to adjust rotary sprinkler heads
Irrigation rotors should be tested, tuned-up and adjusted at the beginning of each season to ensure they’re working as efficiently as possible. Check out our step-by-step guide for effectively adjusting rotary type sprinkler heads. >>More
Western Products unveils Pro Plus HD and Wide-Out XL plows
Compatible with up to Class 6 trucks and measuring 34 inches tall and 10 feet wide, the Pro Plus HD straight blade plow is designed for the challenges of heavy contractor jobs and municipal applications, said Western. Take a closer look at the newest models in the Western portfolio. >>More
Fisher Engineering launches HC plows,
updates XLS plows

Designed to fit up to a 27,500-lb. gross vehicle weight, the HC Heavy Contractor plow stands 34 inches tall and comes in 9-foot and 10-foot widths. Read on to check out the other updates from Fisher. >>More
LM VIDEO Best business practices with Fit Turf CEO
Throughout the years, Fit Turf CEO Paul Wagner has picked up many tidbits of advice and had to learn a few lessons the hard way. Tune into this video to find out what equipment advice he finds the most important to share with other industry pros. >>Watch the video
ON THE RECORD Insights from LM's editors and landscape industry leaders
High Performance Decision-making and
the NCAA smell test

In the wake of Selection Sunday, LM blogger Phil Harwood points out an important lesson leaders can take away from the controversy surrounding the NCAA selection committee. >>More