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How to Compare Landscape Management Software
Management software for your landscape company is a big investment and a big decision. Lots of sources compare the features, options and price. But what if they’re comparing the wrong information?
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Davey acquires Atlanta-based Arborguard
The Davey Tree Expert Co. acquired Arborguard, a residential and commercial tree care company with operations in Atlanta and Charlotte. Find out what the deal means for each company. >>More
Portland The real problem for legal employers, laborers in the landscape industry
In a letter to the editor, Tim Portland, CEO of Yellowstone Landscape, offers his thoughts on how an unreliable H-2B program and the lack of consequences for using illegal labor has created a "supply and demand imbalance in landscape labor markets." >>More
Clarence Davids faces class-action
lawsuit for improper deductions

The case, which was recently granted by a U.S. District Court judge in a Chicago federal court, claims the company recovered the cost of uniforms by taking deductions from employee paychecks without written authorization. >>More
April is National Lawn Care Month
The initiative—developed and supported by national associations—is designed to educate the public on "how turfgrass positively contributes to the environment, their health and their wallets." >>More
>People on the Move: JCB appoints president, CEO; Hohl named ASIC Fellow; TPI awards members; new hires and promotions at Aspire, Spider, Gachina, Davey
GPS Insight 2017 Telematics Purchasing & Implementation Guide
The 2017 Telematics Purchasing & Implementation Guide uncovers the recommended steps to select the best vendor for your landscaping business and ensure a successful implementation. This isn’t the average guide you see from other telematics providers because this has everything you need to know to be successful with telematics. Check it out!
Holganix Holganix rebrands product line as Holganix Bio 800+
Holganix Bio 800+ uses 800 species of microorganisms to increase the plant’s tolerance of stress from weather, traffic, diseases and insects; stimulate healthy foliage and root growth; reduce inputs including fertilizer, pesticides and water; and more.>>More
Intelligro Outgrow your competition with CIVITAS WEEDfree BRAND™ Concentrate
This affordable hybrid selective herbicide has less active ingredients, no offensive odor and kills more than 60 listed broadleaf weeds. With CIVITAS WEEDfree BRAND Concentrate managers can save money and time with reduced call backs and labor costs.
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iStock Confusion at the pump
While these gasoline alternatives and biofuels may stem from good intentions of being gentler on the environment, Kris Kiser, president and CEO of OPEI, sees a major problem with this abundance of options: It’s putting contractors and their outdoor power equipment at risk. >>More
Oregon Evaluating stock vs. aftermarket parts
While stock parts can get the job done in most situations, many landscapers are choosing to replace them with upgrades on their mowers, chainsaws, leaf blowers and string trimmers. Learn what to look for in aftermarket parts, and meet the time-saving Oregon Gator SpeedLoad.
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Ditch Witch Ditch Witch unveils
new mini skid-steer

Ditch Witch introduced the SK1550, the company’s largest mini skid-steer model to date. Take a closer look at some of the model's improved performance features. >>More
IA's fly-in promotes irrigation efficiency
Read on to learn about the issues Irrigation Association members advocated for while on Capitol Hill. >>More
ON THE RECORD Insights from LM's editors and landscape industry leaders
Government Affairs The federal overtime
rule is not dead yet

Like that macabre but disturbingly funny scene in “Monty Python and the Holy Grail,” the federal overtime rule is "not dead yet." Here's a look at what's happening in Washington, D.C., that may affect the rule. >>More
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>How to plan your pricing strategy

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