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March cover >How to light up sales with existing clients

>Step by Step: How to prepare a business for sale

OPEI poll shows consumers
lack education on E15

Though consumers are increasingly aware of the fuel they are using, reports of misfueling and improper fueling practices are on the rise, according to a poll recently released by the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute. Here are a few takeaways from the poll. >>More
NALP Hometown team wins top prize at NCLC
The results are in from the National Collegiate Landscape Competition. Brigham Young University—Provo, host of the competition, took home the top prize. Check out a few of the highlights from the 2017 event. >>More
NALP NALP doles out awards
The students weren’t the only ones who took home honors during this year’s National Collegiate Landscape Competition. Meet the winners of this year's Young Entrepreneur of the Year and Outstanding Educator of the Year awards. >>More
>People on the Move: Akehurst employees celebrate 25 years; new hires, promotions for Aspire, Davey, K-Rain, Ruppert
GPS Insight 2017 Telematics Purchasing & Implementation Guide
The 2017 Telematics Purchasing & Implementation Guide uncovers the recommended steps to select the best vendor for your landscaping business and ensure a successful implementation. This isn’t the average guide you see from other telematics providers because this has everything you need to know to be successful with telematics. Check it out!
Cleveland-based Dyna-Green
acquires Turf Magic

The combined company will provide organic-based lawn care services and tree and shrub protection programs to nearly 4,000 residential and commercial customers in northeast Ohio and western Pennsylvania. Learn more about the acquisition. >>More
Billy Goat One & Done Aerator Sets a Whole New Standard in Aeration Productivity
Cover more ground and achieve tighter hole spacing and deeper hole depth quality in less time. One pass, one machine, one man crew, one time aeration. No call backs! Watch this video to see the One & Done Aerator in action.
Learn more.
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Rayco Rayco upgrades
stump cutters

Rayco is adding electronic fuel injection to its compact, self-propelled stump cutters. Find out which models will be powered by Vanguard 37-hp Big Block gasoline engines with EFI going forward. >>More
Efco Efco adds new brush cutter
The DS 3000 S brush cutter includes the Always On ignition switch that returns to the "on" position after each stop, an outer 26-millimeter tube and a solid steel drive shaft that features maintenance-free brushings. >>More
→ Michelin X Tweel Turf airless radial tire now available for standalone purchase >>More
→ Little Wonder launches new accessories for Optimax blowers >>More
Yamaha Yamaha Launches
MX-V Series Engines

The MX-V series is an all-new-from-the-ground-up, high-performance, 75-degree V-Twin Electronic Fuel-Injection family of engines, delivering up to 33 horsepower, legendary Yamaha reliability and fuel-efficiency.
See the full line of Yamaha multi-purpose engines.
Drafix Drafix Software releases version 23 of Pro Landscape
Pro Landscape Version 23 contains an additional 3,000 high-quality images of both plants and nonplants, making the software’s total number of plant and nonplant items top 17,000. Get the full scoop on the latest version. >>More
DuraClass DuraClass releases
new dump body

The DuraClass HPT-316 dump body features clean horizontal side braces, and the deep-flange longmembers eliminate the need for crossmembers. >>More
→ Black Diamond Coatings unveils new high performance sealers >>More
Hunter Hunter releases
ACC2 controller

The ACC2 continually monitors the system for breaks, leaks and electrical faults and will pinpoint the source should problems arise. >>More
Western Products Western rolls out new models, plow updates
Take a look at new products in the Western Products lineup, including a new oscillating mount option for the Prodigy and Pro-Plus skid-steer snowplows. >>More
Fisher launches new plow for skid-steers, straight-blade plow and more
Fisher Engineering expanded its product portfolio with the addition of a new plow, sprayer, rotary broom and dual-bulb halogen headlamps. Check out the newest additions. >>More
ON THE RECORD Insights from LM's editors and landscape industry leaders
Profit Power Are partnerships
good for business?

In his latest blog post, Jeffrey Scott offers his advice on how to structure a partnership that is both satisfying and profitable. >>More