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Trump 1. What the Trump presidency could mean for the landscape industry
What impact will the Trump presidency have on landscape contractors? Let’s look at several areas where Trump’s policy pronouncements during the campaign, if implemented, might affect your business. >>More
2. Grounds Guys franchisee triples business
Have you considered becoming a franchisee? In our April cover story, we talked to The Grounds Guys franchisee Dan Reid to find out how much of a difference becoming a franchisee can make. Check out his take. >>More
  >Franchise best buys 2016
Autonomous mowers 3. Using autonomous & robotic mowers to solve the labor crisis
It’s not if—but when—autonomous and robotic mowers will help solve the landscape industry labor crisis. Discover how manufacturers are using this technology in 2016. >>More
4. Employer of choice
Whether they’re going all in on culture, pay or technology, smart landscape company owners are experimenting with ways to become the employer of choice. Here's how a few growing companies found success doing just that. >>More
GPS Insight NEW: 2017 Landscape Fleet Manager’s Almanac
Telematics is certainly a major growth area for landscape fleet management. But so are fleet management topics like vehicle acquisition, fuel management, and safety. Here’s your guide to stay on top of these four important aspects to fleet and the latest trends moving into 2017.
Download the White Paper
Mentoring 5. Who’s your mentor?
A recent study shows only 8 percent of small business owners have a mentor. Several landscape pros and their mentors prove how these relationships can accelerate growth. >>More
6. Operating Cost Survey: How you stack up
How would you like to understand your company’s strengths and weaknesses compared to others in the landscape industry? Check out this excerpt from the “Operating Cost Study for the Landscape Industry,” conducted and prepared by Dan Gordon, for a inside look at others in the industry. >>More
Design Fees 7. How to explain
design fees

How do you explain to clients why you charge for your plans while other companies don’t? Landscape design expert Jody Shilan shares his thoughts. >>More
8. Empowered to grow
Brothers Mark Leahy and Brad Leahy, owners of Blades of Green in Edgewater, Md., focus heavily on company culture. Discover how this focus is helping the company achieve its goal of “25 by 25”—or $25 million in annual revenue by 2025. >>More
9. LM150: 2016 rankings
Check out our list of the industry’s top 150 revenue-generating firms. >>More
  >LM150 companies share tips and tricks on navigating the green industry
Scott 10. From disaster
to triumph

Scott’s Landscaping recovered—and grew—after a fire three years ago. Could you? Plus, an expert offers advice for maximizing insurance claims. >>More
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Top 5 Step by Steps of 2016
The most popular Step by Steps of the year include how to effectively plow a parking lot and how to calculate mulch needs for any size bed. >>More
issues of 2016 Political analysis:
2016's biggest issues

As 2016 comes to a close, it's time to look back at some of the hottest issues of the year, as well as where they currently stand. >>More

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