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Project EverGreen announces phase 2 of Detroit’s Pingree Park project

April 5, 2018By

Project EverGreen and its partners will commence phase two of renovations on Detroit’s Pingree Park on June 8-9. “Pingree Park and the people living in the surrounding community are the real winners,” said Cindy Code, executive director of Project EverGreen. “With generous financial and in-kind support, this park will get a much-needed facelift. The improved park space will result in... read more

Project EverGreen names Clinton, N.C., parks department newest green space contest winner

March 7, 2018By

Project EverGreen, in partnership with Exmark Manufacturing and the Sports Turf Managers Association (STMA), named the Parks & Recreation Department of Clinton, N.C., the winner of the “Our Winning Green Spaces” contest. The contest gave municipal parks, recreation and public works departments and nonprofit entities a chance to win an Exmark Lazer Z X-Series mower package—valued at $15,000—and a renovation... read more

Project EverGreen and partners revitalize California park

December 20, 2017By

Project EverGreen and Hunter Industries—along with the Southern California Sports Turf Managers Association and other local landscape contractors and suppliers—joined forces to revitalize parts of William Bradley Park in San Marcos, Calif. The playing surface of the park’s Field #3 had become uneven due to the settling of decomposing organic matter—the park was built on a former landfill in the... read more

Project EverGreen’s Detroit project makes headway

November 21, 2017By

Project EverGreen, in collaboration with local business partners, community groups and the city of Detroit, began transforming Detroit’s Pingree Park by planting trees, improving grass play areas and painting backdrops. “This is the boost we needed to help return Pingree to its former glory. Our kids and grandkids grew up here. I’m just so happy,” said Minnie Knox, a 50-year... read more

Web Extra: How to get involved with GreenCare for Troops

November 9, 2017By

Salute to service: How GreenCare for Troops is giving back to military families in need

November 8, 2017By

Who will mow the lawn? Who’s going to shovel the driveway and the sidewalk in the winter? Last year, Carla Nichols asked these questions, among many others, as her husband, Jon, a technical sergeant in the Air Force, prepared for his deployment to Germany. Carla Nichols was particularly concerned because, with a full-job time as a physical therapist assistant, a... read more