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Hunter Industries reveals ACC2 Decoder controller

February 15, 2018By

Hunter Industries revealed its ACC2 Decoder controller. It comes with all the benefits of the ACC2 Conventional controller, but it’s expandable to 225 stations, Hunter Industries said. “For the ultimate reliability in large-scale commercial irrigation management, the ACC2 Decoder is second to none,” said Dave Shoup, product marketing manager for Hunter Industries. The controller’s two-wire functionality allows for flexibility and... read more

FX Luminaire unveils new brass fixtures

February 14, 2018By

FX Luminaire added five new midgrade brass fixtures to its product lineup. The new models—the constructed C-UL up light, compact C-PL-4 and larger C-PL-7 path lights, C-WW wall wash and C-DL down light—are contemporary, organic fixtures designed for coastal environments because brass resists corrosion caused by salty air and dissolved minerals. “These fixtures allow contractors to present a complete lighting... read more

Aspire to unveil Aspire V4.1

February 13, 2018By

Aspire Software Co., a provider of landscape business management software, will unveil its latest version, Aspire V4.1, on March 1. According to Aspire, the new version provides improved user interface features and added functions, including: Equipment tracking, allowing crews and operations managers to track usage and manage shop service requests from their phones; Electronic client signatures, enabling sales and account... read more

Bobcat expands its R-series excavator lineup

February 7, 2018By

Bobcat Co. expanded its R-Series excavator lineup with the new E85, the largest machine in the company’s compact excavator family. The 8.5-ton E85 features the same design and other cab upgrades as the E32 and E35 R-Series compact excavators that were introduced in 2017. It shares the same Bobcat, turbo-charged diesel engine technology—that does not require a diesel particulate filter... read more

Exmark RED Technology now available for gas, diesel

February 6, 2018By

Exmark introduced the next generation of its patented RED Technology, which is available in both gasoline- and diesel-powered options for the first time. “RED Technology works with the electronic fuel injection and e-governor technologies to increase engine responsiveness and reduce governor droop, so it can more quickly adapt to changing mowing conditions,” said Jamie Briggs, product manager of Exmark. “This... read more

PBI-Gordon develops new herbicide

February 6, 2018By

PBI-Gordon Corp. has developed a nonphenoxy, “three-way” herbicide, soon to be branded SwitchBlade. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s registration for the herbicide is pending. SwitchBlade will feature three active ingredients: halauxifen-methyl, fluroxypyr and dicamba. Testing has shown that, when combined, these active ingredients will provide extended postemergence control of 34 broadleaf weeds—including clover, dandelion and plantain, according to the company. The... read more