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Profit Power: Getting your No. 2 to be the leader you need

July 19, 2017By

A good No. 2 employee is like a good irrigation system. It covers all the ground you need covered, and keeps your business green and flourishing, even when you’re away. The test of how well your irrigation system has you covered is when you hit a hot, dry patch of weather. The same goes for your company. You know what... read more

Leading: Seven genres of business communication

June 27, 2017By

The essence of leadership lies in a person’s ability to communicate ideas and information in a manner that inspires and guides others. Business communication is more art than science and lends itself to being classified into genres, as with other art forms. The applicable genre for the art of business depends upon the situation. I’ll explore seven distinct genres here.... read more

Leadership Advantage: Leadership vs. management

June 12, 2017By

Are leadership and management different? Management guru Peter Drucker is credited with saying, “Leaders do the right things and managers do things right.” Let’s tear the idea down a bit, assuming you need to establish some fundamental components for your business to reach its full potential (the right things). These include: Vision and strategy: Where are we going, and how... read more

Leading: Set the tone

May 24, 2017By

You’re being watched. No, not by the NSA, or some other clandestine agency. It’s your employees, and your customers, who have their eyes on you. They watch what you do and know it’s much more important than whatever you say. As a leader, you set the tone: Good, bad or indifferent. When you’re a leader of a business, branch or... read more

Leading: Look and listen

April 26, 2017By

You can’t lead from behind a desk—or over the telephone. If you want to be a leader, you need to personally look at the front-line reality in your business, where your employees meet your company’s customers. In the military, it’s what leaders would call learning the “ground truth,” which can be very different than what you’d otherwise assume by relying... read more

Leading: Details, always

March 29, 2017By

The third crucial leadership skill is paying attention to the details, always. Once you’ve assembled the right team (People First) and galvanized them into a cohesive group focused on your shared vision (Purpose Second), the key to achieving success is embedded in paying attention to the daily details that add up to make a huge difference. Think of it this... read more