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High Performance: Where’s the beef (aka gross margin variance) on your jobs?

August 7, 2017By

Remember the Wendy’s commercial with the grandma staring down at her burger, shouting “Where’s the beef” at the attendant? She was obviously expecting to see something that wasn’t there (a larger beef patty). In the world of landscape contracting, the “beef” is gross profit margin variance. It should always be seen but often is not. Let me explain. Gross profit... read more

High Performance: The season within the season

May 10, 2017By

Did you ever realize there are seasons within a season? Spring is obviously one of four major seasons of the year. But within the spring season there are mini-seasons. For example, there is the season of transition from winter to spring when equipment needs to be prepared, materials need to be purchased, hiring ramps up, training occurs, etc. There is... read more

High Performance: How badly do you want the sale?

April 11, 2017By

I recently had the opportunity to see two green industry salespeople in action, competing for my tree care business. Both companies were referred to me by my neighbors. I called each company and was pleasantly surprised that both salespeople were available to meet with me the same day about an hour apart from each other. Company A’s salesperson arrived in... read more

High Performance: Fill ‘er up

March 13, 2017By

As another spring season draws near, now is a good time to consider filling the tank. Let me explain. If you were to begin a long road trip, would you want to start on empty or with a full tank of gas? The spring season is long and draining. It demands 110 percent of us, all the time. Going into... read more

High Performance: 5 lessons learned at GIE+EXPO

November 16, 2016By

In an effort to practice what I preach, I took a few minutes out to reflect on my GIE+EXPO 2016 experience and, specifically, to identify my most important takeaways. Hopefully, you have completed this valuable exercise by now. If not, perhaps this blog post will inspire you to do so. Here are five lessons learned at this year’s event. Lesson... read more

High Performance: Business lessons from hockey

October 25, 2016By

Growing up playing hockey, it has been my experience that there are two types of players. There are those who tend to look for their teammates to set up a nice play. These unselfish players are not seeking the limelight. Instead, they are seeking to give the limelight to someone else by passing the puck. Invariably, the puck comes right... read more