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Graham Spray Equipment: Compartmented 600-Gallon Unit

February 9, 2018By

Mixed-Turf Routes? No problem for the GSE Compartmented 600. This dual system unit features 400-gal. mechanical agitation alongside 200-gal. jet agitation, allowing one rig to service multiple grass types. Dual pumping stations let two techs spray at the same time. Learn more at www.GrahamSE.com or 1.800.543.2810 read more

Graham Spray Equipment adds fully enclosed box truck

February 5, 2018By

Graham Spray Equipment expanded its offerings with a new, fully enclosed box truck. The 18-foot truck gives lawn care companies the ability to treat properties up to 10 weeks longer, according to Graham. “When temperatures dip, chemicals often don’t mix up or spray as well, and that determines when a company stops spraying for the season,” said Donny Pitts, general... read more

Graham Spray Equipment intros new compartmented spray unit

January 23, 2018By

Graham Spray Equipment introduced the GSE 600-gallon spray unit. The spray unit features a 400/200–gallon compartmented tank that enables one spray rig to service multiple grass types requiring different chemical treatments. Dual pumping stations allow two technicians to apply different treatments at the same time. “This is a significant increase in efficiency on routes that require multiple treatments,” said Dave... read more

Graham Spray Equipment: 600-gallon spray unit and truck

September 13, 2017By

Don’t just take our word for it. Do the math. Buy our 600-gallon spray unit and truck for just $49,900 and spray an average of 20 6,000-square-foot lawns a day for 10 months. At $50 per lawn, that’s $200,000 in one year. Add Graham’s reputation for lifelong reliability and service, and you have the key to success. Check out all of... read more

Graham Spray Equipment: GSE 400 Unit

April 5, 2017By

The GSE 400-gal. spray unit offers more room for your advertising but occupies only 11 1/2-in. more bed space than Graham Spray Equipment’s smaller 300-gal. unit. Put this highly durable, highly efficient rugged spray rig on your lawn spray truck and you can generate well over $200,000 in annual revenue. Check out all of the spray rigs at grahamse.com or call 1-800-543-2810... read more

New Stuff: January 2017

January 12, 2017By

1. FC 91 Edger Company: Stihl Powered by a low-emission engine and 710 cc fuel tank, Stihl’s latest line of Stihl edgers are designed to run 30 percent longer than predecessors. Highlights include a curved flex shaft for durability, a mud flap-style debris deflector to minimize clogging, the IntelliCarb compensating carburetor to maintain RPM if the air filter clogs and... read more