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High Performance: Where’s the beef (aka gross margin variance) on your jobs?

August 7, 2017By

Remember the Wendy’s commercial with the grandma staring down at her burger, shouting “Where’s the beef” at the attendant? She was obviously expecting to see something that wasn’t there (a larger beef patty). In the world of landscape contracting, the “beef” is gross profit margin variance. It should always be seen but often is not. Let me explain. Gross profit... read more

Go direct

October 1, 2010By

Soon after the recession hit, I received a flood of questions about how to survive the recession. My advice was: Since you can’t control the revenue, work on becoming more competitive by implementing better systems and business processes. Some owners took my advice and some didn’t. Now, as things are stabilizing a bit, guess who’s winning the battle for new... read more