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Communication Coach: Predict customer behavior like Amazon

May 30, 2018By

What customers do informs us of their desires. What they are reluctant to do offers insights into fears and obstacles that must be addressed before they will buy. Last year Amazon bought Whole Foods to extend its retail dominance into new product lines and for the brick and mortar opportunity to study buying behavior. Amazon Prime members can now get... read more

Map the customer experience

October 27, 2015By

When hiring, many business owners say they value attitude and personality more than expertise and skill because the latter can be learned. If this claim is true, why are most green industry websites selling skill and expertise to buyers who are looking to hire companies with personality and a caring attitude? Most industry websites are glorified menus of products and... read more

High Performance: Quality, speed, price—choose all 3

September 22, 2014By

There is an outdated business philosophy that rears its head periodically. It says the customer experience comprises three aspects—quality, speed and price–and businesses only can deliver two of these aspects at a time. Choose quality and speed, but sacrifice price. Choose speed and price, and sacrifice quality. Business is a zero-sum game where these trade-offs define business strategy and product/service... read more

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