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Syngenta: Barricade Herbicide

November 6, 2016By

Barricade® herbicide from Syngenta offers you a guaranteed crabgrass control program. A single fall application will control next season’s crabgrass, providing you maximum application flexibility. Its low solubility and volatility means it stays in the weed germination zone and will not break down, even after heavy rain or snow. As a result, you can spread out your workload to make... read more

Dow: Dimension specialty herbicide

April 6, 2016By

Dimension specialty herbicide is the leading turf and ornamental product for preemergence and early postemergence crabgrass control. Applied early or late in the season, Dimension eliminates the need to switch products after crabgrass has germinated. This longer window gives you more application flexibility during your busy spring season. It also is effective on 45 other tough-to-control grassy and broadleaf weeds found... read more

Dimension specialty herbicide

December 16, 2015By

Dimension specialty herbicide provides preemergence and early postemergence crabgrass control, along with preemergence control of more than 45 other annual grassy and broadleaf weeds. It can be applied from early to midseason without having to worry about switching products after crabgrass has germinated. Dimension can be applied in turf and ornamental settings, making it an ideal wall-to-wall solution. Available in multiple... read more

Dow AgroSciences Weed Watch

October 4, 2013By

Sponsored Content by      The digital Weed Watch guide, sponsored by Dow AgroSciences, features more than 60 key weeds, along with identification tips, control tips and product recommendations. Visit www.DowProvesIt.com for more information. Click Here to view Dow AgroSciences WeedWatch Weed Watch also comes as a quarterly enewsletter featuring key weeds and timely seasonal tips for control. To subscribe click here.... read more