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Turfco: TurnAer XT5

August 12, 2017By

The patented Turfco TurnAer XT5 steerable and reversible aerator keeps the tines down and profits up for landscaping contractors. The TurnAer allows operators to turn and reverse, even on heavily landscaped lawns, hills or hard-to-reach areas. New dual fuel reserve tanks give operators extra runtime, and fingertip controls make operation easy. The TurnAer is also more durable with a unibody... read more

Exmark debuts aerator attachment

August 2, 2017By

Exmark introduced a spreader attachment for its 30-inch stand-on aerator, enabling landscape professionals to offer overseeding in conjunction with aeration programs. “The Exmark aerator spreader attachment is a response to our customers’ requests asking for a way to increase the versatility and revenue opportunities of the highly productive stand-on aerator,” said Lloyd von Scheliha, Exmark product manager. “By combining two... read more

Game-changing aerator technology takes productivity to the next level

February 24, 2017By

To meet the growing need for a more productive and cost-efficient way of aerating, Billy Goat has improved upon old aeration methods with the introduction of the One & Done Hydro Reciprocating Aerator. This aerator uses a reciprocating camshaft that drives tines up and down into the soil, similar to what is found on deep tine machines, but are much... read more

Turfco unveils zero-turn stand-on aerator

December 14, 2016By

Turfco introduced its TurnAer XT8 stand-on aerator during the 2016 GIE+EXPO, held in Louisville, Ky., Oct. 19-21. “Aeration often needs to be done in a compressed period of time and the XT8 was created in response to the need to get the job done quickly,” said Scott Kinkead, executive vice president of Turfco. “We also designed it with our signature durability... read more

Grasshopper releases new coreless aerator

December 13, 2016By

Grasshopper released its new PTO-drive Aera-vator, a coreless aerator for its FrontMount zero-turn mowers. Oscillating steel tines deep-fracture hard, dry soil to create a more resilient surface and improve permeability and drainage, Grasshopper said. Available in 40- and 60-inch models, this front-mounted aerator helps aerate lawns, turf and compacted soil in hard-to-reach areas. By eliminating cores left behind by plug... read more

Classen releases compact aerator

March 15, 2016By

Classen added the TA18 to its aerator lineup. The 46-inch-long aerator is 27.2 inches wide and can aerate at a speed of up to 4.2 mph. Additionally, this aerator has five banks of tine wheels, tight tine placement and can pull 15 percent more holes, the company said. “We designed the TA18 with productivity and portability in mind,” said Bruno... read more