PermaGreen: Recharge Sprayer Kit

February 7, 2018 -  By

PermaGreen RechargeEliminate the second trip over your lawns with the battery-powered PermaGreen Recharge™ Sprayer Kit for use on LESCO® push spreaders. This well-balanced, low-profile 2.25-gal. tank fits inside your hopper and covers 8,500 square feet, while leaving room in your hopper for a bag of dry product.

A low-drift spray nozzle provides a 9-foot pattern, and a spray gun is included for trimming. The spray switch can be mounted on either handle. A battery charger is included to recharge the battery at the end of the day. Each charge provides 100,000 square-ft. of spraying capacity.

The entire kit comes completely assembled and ready to install in minutes without drilling any holes. The Recharge Sprayer Kit is available from PermaGreen® and participating dealers. Call 800.346.2001 x103 or visit to request info.

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