Keep it Clean

May 12, 2016By

Clean beds along with proper use of mulch and pre-emergent herbicides is the best defense against landscape bed weeds. It’s an unfortunate fact every lawn care operator knows to be true: “There is no way to control weeds 100 percent,” said Miles Rush, partner and branch manager for WeedPro in Lewis Center, Ohio. “You will always deal with weeds.” But... read more

A Jump Start to Spring

February 11, 2016By

Early-season herbicide applications can help LCOs get on top of the heavy spring workload. For Mark Leahy, spring is his busiest, most stressful time of year for one main reason: the weather. “If the weather would cooperate, spring wouldn’t be so stressful,” says Leahy, president of Blades of Green, a $5.3-million company in Edgewater, Md. “It all depends on Mother... read more

Winter Weed Woes

November 13, 2015By

If left untreated, winter weeds can create big problems for lawn care operators come spring. Don’t let the colder temperatures fool you. Weeds can be just as big of a problem in the winter as they are any other time of the year. If left untreated, these weeds will likely flower with a vengeance come spring, stealing nutrients from healthy... read more

Fall kick-off

September 10, 2015By

Now is the time for lawn care operators to control fall weeds before they take root. Autumn is approaching, which means those pesky fall weeds will soon be sprouting. And for many lawn care operators, autumn also means time for client contract renewals, so it’s a good idea to put a stop to the wild carrot, thistle, dandelions and other... read more

Postemergent chemical and cultural treatments

May 15, 2015By

By applying the following tips, you can improve the vitality of your clients’ turfgrass this summer. As summer quickly approaches, the next few weeks are critical, especially for lawn care operators (LCOs). After all, a multitude of annual and perennial weeds—common plantain, prostate spurge, dandelions—have recently emerged throughout the U.S. And, if they’re not treated properly, their growth, maturity and... read more

Prepped for preemergence

March 23, 2015By

Get the upper hand on crabgrass this spring with these sound tips. Spring has sprung, and that means it’s time for lawn care operators (LCOs) to go into attack mode against weeds before they emerge. There are a slew of problematic spring weeds, like dandelions and clover, but perhaps no springtime weed is peskier than crabgrass. But take heart, LCOs.... read more