Eye in the Sky: A look inside Canopy’s operations office

March 16, 2017By

Raleigh, N.C.-based Canopy Lawn Care is able to oversee and manage its entire fleet from two television monitors inside its operations office. View the full story here. read more

How Slack, Intercom streamline Canopy’s communication

March 16, 2017By

Raleigh, N.C.-based Canopy Lawn Care’s technology stack relies on some third party applications, like Slack and Intercom, which help the company streamline communication between its sales and operations teams and its customers. On average, the company responds to every customer in under 10 minutes. Sales Manager Foster Nichols explains the process here. View the full story here. read more

Canopy’s director of operations explains how tech drives the business

March 16, 2017By

Take a look at the day-to-day operations with Ben Wright, director of operations for Canopy Lawn Care in Raleigh, N.C. Find out how Canopy is using technology to forgo traditional industry practices. For instance, each Canopy employee departs from home each morning, rather than reporting to a central headquarters. View the full story here. read more

Tech-enabled Canopy Lawn Care disrupts landscape maintenance

March 15, 2017By

Canopy Lawn Care in Raleigh, N.C., is a tech-enabled landscape company with its sights set on disrupting the residential maintenance market. “There’s been a way of doing things in this industry that every company sort of has their own twist on, but we’ve taken a step back and said ‘Let’s start from scratch and rethink this,'” says Ben Wright, director... read more

Game-changing aerator technology takes productivity to the next level

February 24, 2017By

To meet the growing need for a more productive and cost-efficient way of aerating, Billy Goat has improved upon old aeration methods with the introduction of the One & Done Hydro Reciprocating Aerator. This aerator uses a reciprocating camshaft that drives tines up and down into the soil, similar to what is found on deep tine machines, but are much... read more

Words of Wisdom: Best advice about the industry pt. 2

January 9, 2017By

Attendees of the 2016 LM Lawn Care Forum share the best pieces of advice they have received about the industry. To check out part one, click here. read more