SafetyWatch: Setting targets

January 26, 2018By

Setting expectations is an important process for a safe and efficient job site. Once you have your goals established, share them with your crew. Make sure everybody knows what’s expected of the crew and of each team member. Get everyone thinking about this target. Aim high—people get more work done when they have a goal. Reassess and comment to your... read more

Web Extra: Safety Watch in Spanish (difficult employees)

January 23, 2018By

The following is a Spanish version of Safety Watch for the December 2017 issue of Landscape Management. It discusses how to deal with difficult employees. Click here for the original Safety Watch in English or see page 16 of the magazine. Empleados Difíciles Existen ciertos tipos comunes de empleados difíciles, pero pocas veces las cosas son tan evidentes como nos gustaría. Algunos empleados... read more

SafetyWatch: Difficult employees

December 18, 2017By

There are a few common types of difficult employees, but things are rarely as clear-cut as we might like them to be.  Some employees will be a mix of different types. Others might be completely different types on different days. You have to become good at reading people’s signals, stopping problem behavior early and setting the tone for your crew... read more

Web Extra: SafetyWatch in Spanish (workplace violence)

November 20, 2017By

The following is a Spanish version of Safety Watch for the November 2017 issue of Landscape Management. It discusses how to avoid workplace violence. Click here for the original Safety Watch in English or see page 14 of the magazine. Evita la violencia en el lugar de trabajo La violencia en el lugar de trabajo se define como la fuerza... read more

SafetyWatch: Avoid workplace violence

November 20, 2017By

Workplace violence is defined as physical force, an attempt at physical force or a threat of physical force by someone against a worker in a workplace that causes or could cause harm to the worker. Keep in mind, things don’t have to become physical to be considered violent. If you are dealing with an agitated person, remember that getting out... read more

SafetyWatch: Trim safely

October 17, 2017By

To run a trimmer safely, operators must wear various pieces of personal protection equipment. These items include safety glasses with side shields; ear plugs or muffs; gloves, if conditions call for them; pants; a shirt or jacket that fits firmly with no strings, frills or dangling straps; and approved safety shoes or boots with nonslip soles, a protected toe and... read more