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How to tailor offerings for home-service review site customers

February 9, 2017By

In our February cover story, which takes a look at home-service review sites from the contractor’s perspective, Shaun Kanary suggests contractors should tailor their offerings on these sites to the type of customers who use them. “Be aware of the type of consumer that are using each site and match your product pricing,” says Kanary, who is marketing director for Weed Pro, based in... read more

Web Extra: How to get the most from battery-powered equipment

December 12, 2016By

For contractors considering battery-powered equipment, here are some tips from Zack Kline, owner of A.I.R. in Rockville, Md., for how to successfully use it out in the field: 
Learn how long batteries last in each piece of equipment so crews will be near a charging station or charged battery to quickly swap them out. 
Ask whether a smaller battery could... read more

Web Extra: Seeing Green

September 20, 2016By

In the September issue, Michael Rogers, president of Kathleen’s Lawn & Ornamental Pest Control, discussed how he strives to manage growth while maintaining his company’s small-town roots. Here’s a closer look at one additional service Kathleen’s offers during The Masters.  Every April, residents in Augusta, Ga., and its surrounding cities have one thing on their minds: golf. The Masters Tournament, the professional... read more

Web Extra: How to get WaterSense Certified

September 15, 2016By

The EPA’s WaterSense program has placed the topic of water conservation on the forefront for 10 years and counting. In this LM Web Extra, learn how you can get WaterSense-certified. Contractors can become WaterSense certified by completing program requirements through several regional and national professional certifying organizations. For example, irrigation contractors, landscape/turf irrigation designers, and golf and landscape irrigation auditors... read more

Web Extra: Know the rules

August 10, 2016By

In the August 2016 issue, the cover story focused on navigating regulations at the municipal level. In this web extra, Phillip Perry takes a closer look at the ethical boundaries that exist when dealing with politicians. Respect ethical boundaries when you deal with politicians. “You have to follow the rules regarding expenditures or gifts,” says Sean W. Hadley, a Moorestown,... read more

Web Extra: Qualifying questions

August 10, 2016By

In the August 2016 issue, Michael Boeck discussed how one option for improving customer service and employee satisfaction was to decline some business. Here is a sample list of qualifying questions a company should ask potential clients to help determine if a customer is the right fit. What services are you looking for? When are you hoping to have the... read more