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Web Extra: Hourly raises are rising

August 4, 2017By

Kevin McHale, owner of McHale Landscape, says it took “a shift from the paradigm” to get his field employees to understand the value of an incentive program—particularly one that’s tied to company performance. In many employees’ minds, hourly pay trumps all, even a 401(k)-matching program, he says. “In our industry, everything is gauged and valued at what you get paid... read more

Web Extra: A closer look at the core purpose of GreenEarth Landscape Services

July 18, 2017By

Our July 2017 cover story focused on GreenEarth Landscape Services and how its owners, Shawn Knight and Jeremy Durgan, are ‘scaling up’ by focusing on culture, communications and key metrics. The pair have a 10-year goal of expanding GreenEarth Landscape Services to 16 branches between Florida and Alabama by 2027. That’s not a small feat for the Santa Rosa Beach,... read more

Web Extra: Municipal vs. Commercial RFPs

May 12, 2017By

In some form or another, both municipalities and commercial entities, often property management groups, use RFPs to bid work. Municipal RFPs are often called “formal,” due to their rigidity and cookie-cutter aspects, while “informal” Commercial RFPs are more flexible and open-ended. “Formal RFPs are fairly regimented,” says Ken Thomas, co-founder of Envisor Consulting. “Informal RFPs are more in the property... read more

Web Extra: Where to find RFPs

May 12, 2017By

The Internet makes it very easy to find RFPs—if you know where to look. Municipalities are often legally obligated to publish RFP opportunities in order to create an even playing field, says Mike Voories, COO at Brillar, a Detroit-based landscape maintenance firm. Municipality websites—i.e. City of Cleveland www.city.cleveland.oh.us—are often a good place to start. There are also many regional sites... read more

H-2B users, advocates urge action for relief

April 13, 2017By

It’s a pivotal juncture for the H-2B guest-worker visa program—for 2017 and beyond. “April is a critical month for H-2B,” said Paul Mendelsohn, vice president of government relations for the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP), in a blog post. To improve the H-2B process, NALP and other advocates of the program are targeting a continuing resolution (CR) that Congress... read more

Web Extra: Some pricing strategy considerations

March 15, 2017By

In the March 2017 issue, Phil Harwood offered a few tips to help you plan your pricing strategy. In addition to that, he also supplied a list of things you need to consider before you start developing your own pricing strategy. They include: New or existing client? New or existing property? Size of client? Growth potential with client? Size of property?... read more