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  • Exploring vegetation management as a viable add-on service

    November 8, 2017By

    Mark Black has some words of wisdom for his fellow lawn care operators: “Remember, one part of your business is to make it clean and green,” says the owner of Country Club Lawn & Tree Specialists in South Roxana, Ill. “The other side is to kill everything.” While “killing everything” might sound like an LCO’s worst nightmare, there is one... read more

    Intelligro touts herbicide’s Environmental Impact Quotient

    November 8, 2017By

    Intelligro, which manufactures control products for turf under the Civitas brand, touted the Environmental Impact Quotient (EIQ) of its WEEDfree BRAND Concentrate at a press conference at GIE+EXPO in Louisville, Ky., last month. CIVITAS WEEDfree BRAND Concentrate has a lower EIQ (6.4) compared to a traditional three-way mix selective herbicide (28.5), according to Intelligro. The EIQ concept, developed by Cornell... read more

    EPA approves PBI-Gordon’s fungicide for spring dead spot

    October 27, 2017By

    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) granted federal registration for PBI-Gordon’s Kabuto SC Fungicide for use in the treatment of spring dead spot (SDS) in warm-season turfgrass. “Spring dead spot is, without a doubt, the most severe disease for warm-season turfgrasses, such as bermudagrass,” said Jim Goodrich, fungicide product manager for PBI-Gordon. “Extensive university and end-user testing has repeatedly shown that... read more

    Turf establishment course offered by Turf & Ornamental Education program

    October 27, 2017By

    A 14-module course on turf establishment will be offered through the Turf & Ornamental Education (TOE) program. The course is authored by Elizabeth Curry, Ph.D. in turfgrass pathology, and Henry Wilkinson, professor emeritus at the University of Illinois,  Champaign-Urbana, and is part of the TOE program’s online series of courses for the horticulture industry, with turfgrass pests and diseases slated as the next available... read more

    Mirimichi Green releases CarbonizPN DJ Fine Grade

    October 23, 2017By

    Mirimichi Green expanded its CarbonizPN product line with the addition of CarbonizPN DJ Fine Grade. The product is a powderlike soil amendment containing 50 percent biochar that is U.S. Department of Agriculture certified and 50 percent premium organic compost. CarbonizPN DJ Fine Grade can be blended​ ​into​ ​sand​ ​mixes, topdressing​ ​and​ ​aerification. According to Mirimichi Green, the product aerates soils and... read more

    National Fleet Products releases new WM System loading ramps

    October 19, 2017By

    National Fleet Products released several versions of its WM System loading ramps, which can be used with a wide array of vehicles. According to the company, the ramps stow vertically just inside rear- and side-access doors and take up approximately 8.5 inches of depth when folded and locked. The ramps include a built-in spring-assist feature and sturdy side handles, and... read more