Design to a budget

January 16, 2018By

Let’s imagine for a moment that at your initial design consultation, your prospect actually gave you a budget number. Some of you may be thinking, “That would be awesome. Now all I need to do is design to that budget (plus or minus), and I’ll have no problem getting the project.” The rest of you are wondering, “How the heck... read more

Step by Step: Tips for routine mower maintenance

January 8, 2018By

It’s important for contractors to perform regular maintenance on mowers to ensure their machines perform at peak levels for as long as possible. Routine mower maintenance is also a good way to identify minor issues that can be repaired quickly and inexpensively before they become major problems. There are a number of regular maintenance items that should be performed on... read more

Embracing web-based tools to measure lawns

January 5, 2018By

Before you can generate a quote, you need to know how much area you’re working with. While that typically entails measuring each potential client’s property by hand, some landscape contractors are using property measurement tools to calculate that information. These web-based programs use satellite imagery and point-and-click measuring tools to provide accurate measurements of virtually any property. The types of... read more

Backstory: Ben Bowen

December 27, 2017By

Ben Bowen Landscape Designer & Manager Ross NW Watergardens Portland, Ore. Education Home-school Portland, Ore. Class of 1996 “My family moved to Portland when I was 17. Rather than start fresh in a new school, I finished out high school using a correspondence course.” Work Experience 1992-1996 Summer Laborer Bowen’s Inc. Phoenix, Ariz. “I worked summers for my grandfather, installing... read more

Battery boon: Breaking down the benefits of battery-powered equipment

December 18, 2017By

Electric equipment continues to prove its place in the landscape industry. Batteries last longer, equipment is lighter and more operators see these machines as comparable to gas. Landscape contractors share the benefits, setbacks and trends for battery-powered equipment. Making the switch With 90 percent of his equipment being electric, Ron Rose—owner of EQ Grounds in Auburn Hills, Mich.—says it has... read more

Case Study: Water works

December 18, 2017By

Watering is an essential aspect of maintaining a landscape—but not all clients have an irrigation system or the time to keep up with watering by hand. Level Green Landscaping, based in Upper Marlboro, Md., discovered many of the commercial properties it served in the Washington, D.C., area did not have an irrigation system. And rainfall often wasn’t enough for clients... read more