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  • IA Certification Board updates CID landscape program

    August 30, 2017By

    The Irrigation Association’s Certification Board is reducing the number of required exams for the landscape track of the certified irrigation designer (CID) program. The revised program will require candidates to take only two exams: a general landscape/turf exam and one specialty exam. In the original program, CID landscape candidates had to complete three exams: the general landscape/turf exam 1, the... read more

    Ewing reopens Burlington location

    August 16, 2017By

    Ewing Irrigation & Landscape Supply reopened its store in Burlington, Wash. It reopened the store to better service professional irrigation and landscape contractors, lighting contractors, nursery and agronomic professionals, and homeowners in the North Sound area, Ewing said. The store will stock irrigation and turf supplies, outdoor living and hardscape products, landscape and holiday lighting products, sports fields and golf... read more

    A group effort: How organizations are teaming up to promote efficient water management

    August 4, 2017By

    Partnerships among agencies that focus on efficient water management are more important than ever. Water shortages continue to impact states throughout the country, a fact that Mary Ann Dickinson, president and CEO of the Alliance for Water Efficiency, says should concern everyone. Even states that are typically considered to be water rich are experiencing scarcity issues due to the stress... read more

    Conserva Irrigation seeks franchisees

    August 2, 2017By

    Expanding its national footprint, Conserva Irrigation now is accepting potential franchise candidates. Russ Jundt founded the Richmond, Va.-headquartered irrigation company in 2010—and did so on the principle of water conservation. Today, the company and its franchise model targets the repair and maintenance of both commercial and residential sprinkler systems. “Having witnessed the unbelievable amount of water that is wasted annually... read more

    IA launches irrigation curriculum for elementary schools

    July 24, 2017By

    The Irrigation Association (IA) launched its first elementary school lesson plan. Focusing on grades three through five, the curriculum’s activities were created to share with students the benefits of irrigation, including agriculture, landscape and its history. “This is an exciting initiative of the IA,” said Deborah Hamlin, CEO of IA. “Elementary school students need to understand that there is this... read more

    Florida county demands approval for new irrigation projects

    July 19, 2017By

    According to a new code enacted in April 2016, irrigation professionals in Alachua County, an unincorporated county in Florida, must now seek county approval—and pay an application fee—for all new irrigation systems installed. In its first year, the county saved 9 million gallons of water due to the code. It’s also denied, at least during the initial review, of as many... read more