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Step by Step: How to do a microinjection

February 14, 2018By

Tree care professionals are turning to microinjection units to keep trees healthy and free of pests and diseases. Microinjection units allow applicators to administer a product directly into a tree’s vascular system using a single-dose applicator that’s manually pressurized. This method eliminates spray drift and reduces groundwater contamination, while reducing applicator exposure. It’s also an alternative in areas where spraying... read more

Big Picture: Contemporary inspiration

February 9, 2018By

Location: Vienna, Va. Company: Surrounds Landscape Architecture + Construction Prior to construction, this backyard had poor soil conditions, making it a challenge to grow plants, and it lacked hardscape or additional structures. The homeowner’s goal was to have entertaining space for family and large gatherings—a space with a modern and contemporary style. They wanted the backyard to have a resort-like... read more

Words of wisdom from the LM Growth Summit

February 5, 2018By

Words of wisdom from the consultants and association professionals who supported LM Growth Summit attendees as experts. “Exit planning is a key phrase right now. Only about 50 percent of this room is going to leave their business willingly. It doesn’t matter if you think you’re going to retire in six months or in 25 years, you still should have... read more

Designing up

February 2, 2018By

As cityscapes expand outward, some landscape contractors have decided to grow upward by including green walls as an add-on service. Green walls—also known as living walls—are vertical gardens that are attached to the interior or exterior of a building. These applications have gained some traction in the past five to 10 years, particularly with commercial and retail clients, but also... read more

5 fleet expenses—and how to manage them

January 29, 2018By

A landscape or irrigation contractors’ annual fleet management expenses are as much about the management as they are about the fleet, says Enterprise Fleet Management’s Don Duckworth, who provides customized fleet recommendations for businesses on the west coast of Florida. Presenting at the 2017 Irrigation Show Education Conference in Orlando in November, Duckworth shared his practical tips for fleet management... read more

SafetyWatch: Setting targets

January 26, 2018By

Setting expectations is an important process for a safe and efficient job site. Once you have your goals established, share them with your crew. Make sure everybody knows what’s expected of the crew and of each team member. Get everyone thinking about this target. Aim high—people get more work done when they have a goal. Reassess and comment to your... read more