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Jeffrey Scott, MBA, author, specializes in growth and profit maximization in the Green Industry. His expertise is rooted in his personal success, growing his own company into a $10 million enterprise. Now, he facilitates the Leader’s Edge peer group for landscape business owners—members achieve a 27 percent profit increase in their first year. To learn more visit

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Sales meetings that drive performance Posted on 20 Sep 2017 in the 0917 & Current Issue categories.

Salespeople dread taking time out of their schedules to attend meetings because most meetings don’t add enough value to their sales—or to your bottom line. Here’s a solution. To hold... Read more»

Profit Power: 7 time management musts Posted on 18 Sep 2017 in the Blog categories.

The following seven time management musts will allow you to get an enormous amount accomplished with less effort in any given week. I call these lifesavers because they will save... Read more»

Grow Your Business with Jeffrey Scott: The Passionate Leader Posted on 05 Sep 2017 in the Video categories.

The passionate leader who operates from a place of high-value is the ultimate entrepreneur. Find where your passion and value intersect and drive your business growth. Read more»

Profit Power: Make your landscape business the ‘ultimate productivity machine’ Posted on 24 Aug 2017 in the Blog categories.

Growing up as a typical teenager with curiosity and a streak of independence, I bought my first car the minute I got my driver’s license (actually, a week before). It... Read more»

Profit Power: Getting your No. 2 to be the leader you need Posted on 19 Jul 2017 in the Blog categories.

A good No. 2 employee is like a good irrigation system. It covers all the ground you need covered, and keeps your business green and flourishing, even when you’re away.... Read more»

Are your salespeople mediocre? Posted on 12 Jun 2017 in the 0617 categories.

Salespeople misrepresent how much time they spend with clients. According to a Wall Street Journal story, account managers spent only a third of their time with clients, while self-reporting they... Read more»